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It's no secret that Hollywood is a place where dreams are made, and dreams are broken. There are thousands of entertainers in this city that are competing for the same all-star role - How do you stand out? We understand this dilemma, whether you're a popular rock band performing on the Sunset Strip, or  a young actress auditioning for that first role at a Culver City studio.


We know what it takes for talent to develop their personal brand and ultimately blossom within the entertainment industry. We're not just here to give you a few generic career tips. To make it in this industry, it takes a lot more than that. We want to know what makes you unique as an entertainer and cater to your specific abilities. Together, we can create an experience that leaves you feeling like the superstar that you are. 

What defines your Brand, makes it unique, and adds meaningful value to the world? Who should comprise your target market?  How is all of this expressed in the look and feel of your Brand – the colors, typefaces, stylistic elements, and how they all come together?

We will answer all of these questions and develop a look and feel that best expresses your talent identity in a way that resonates with your target market. This will include creating your name (if undetermined), logo, business card, other identity materials and a style guide for future visual communications.

Tony Farrell singer Frank Sinatra Jazz in Los Angeles

Tony Farrell - Singer

Actress in Los Angeles

Sydney Acosta - Actress

Peter Isaac Actor Los Angeles Actor

Peter Isaac - Actor

JEM Sourcing website website design Los Angeles web design
American Integrative Cancer Care website Los Angeles websites

Today it’s all about your online persona and how you come across in the digital world. If you don’t have an appealing and professional website that promotes your product, service, or yourself, none of your customers or fans will take you seriously. You can have the greatest offering in the world but if you don’t have a functioning and aesthetically pleasing website, you will find yourself losing every time. We build your website from the ground up and ensure that it strategically aligns with your brand and overall presence.



  • One-hour consultation covering your website goals and any sort of design you have in mind (if any)

  • Copy, photos, videos, and all other media and design work to be used on your site

  • Account access to your website so you can login anytime

  • Monthly website maintenance


* Turn around time for a website takes about 7-14 days depending on the scope of the project

* Client is responsible for paying for the domain name

* Restrictions apply on how often website maintenance is needed

There is no doubt that actors, musicians, and other entertainers need to be on their A-game when it comes to mapping out their career goals. Whether you are completely new to the industry and are looking to broaden your skills and experience or you've been hustling for decades, First Break can help you design a personal career plan that will serve as your guide in accomplishing your goals.


  • Evaluation of the Client

    • Strengths & Weaknesses

    • Opportunties & Threats

    • What makes the client unique

  • Establishment of Goals

    • Short Term Goals (1-12 months)

    • Long Term Goals (1+ years)

    • Comprehensive Goal Timeline

  • Marketing Plan

    • Facts and Statistics of the industry that you are in

    • Branding and Role Suggestions

    • Audition and networking event log

* Plans are generally about 25-30 pages.

* Great way to start off your year on the right foot

*Email and phone communication will

ensure the plan is unique to your personal goals/experience

A resume can either make or break you when it comes to landing that dream job or gig. First Break will rewrite that old resume laying around the house and make you look like an all-star. Using current industry resume standards and having the ability to uncover your personal strengths and past work experiences, First Break will construct a well-written, professional, and unique resume that will get you in the door for that big interview/audition.


​​​Professional resumes include:





Entertainer resumes include: 






*Phone and/or email communication will ensure the resume successfully portrays your past work experience and strengths. 
*We do both professional and 
entertainer resumes
*Turn around time for resumes are 
generally 2-3 days.

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, or Snapchat, there is no doubt that social media has become such an essential part of our everyday life. When it comes to personal branding and promoting oneself, social media has the ability to attract and connect with a variety of audiences. For one's acting, music, and/or entertainment career, this medium has a lot of benefits including the fast and easy ability to share content, grow a fan base, and track follower engagement.


Social Media plans include the following sections:

  • Overview of Social Media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, & YouTube).

  • Short term and long term goals of each social media channel.

  • Suggestions on how to increase recognition and engagement.

  • Breakdown of key metrics (# of posts, # of social shares, subscribers, conversation rate, audience growth, etc). 

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the client's social medium channels.

* Plans are generally about 10-15 pages.

* Great way to start off your year on the right foot

* Email and phone communication will

ensure the plan is unique to your personal goals/experience

* Elaborate breakdown on 2 social media channels of your choice.

Sydney S.

"Alec really helped me in finding my brand. I got a really comprehensive breakdown of all recommended action steps based on my acting and career goals!"

John P.
Business Owner
"Fast and easy. Thinking that it would take forever to build a new website, I was shocked on how quickly they were able to do it. Not only does my website look better, I have a brand identity for my company!"
Andrew D.

​"They were friendly and eager to make sure I was  capturing the right marketing message for myself as an artist. They were flexible and easy to work with."

Steve B.
Business Owner
"They did an amazing job on my website! I didn't know one thing that goes into building a website but Alec did everything and was able to capture what I wanted. I couldn't be happier!"
Henry M.

"Coast ART Productions is great from A-Z. I am confident that I will get many acting jobs because of their fine work. Plus it was a really nice experience working with them- they are really nice people."

Jessica R.

"Immediately after working with Alec on my resume I got way more auditions scheduled than in the past. Thanks for everything!"

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